Sun safe school program: year 1 resources

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School 1 year program
School 1 year program

Expanding Sun Safety Knowledge in Year 1 with "UV Aware"

Year 1's "UV Aware" program expands students' sun safety knowledge, delving into UV rays and safe outdoor times. This holistic approach fosters lifelong awareness, practices, and attitudes. Students engage with experiments, games, songs, worksheets, math concepts, multimedia, and poetry, promoting critical and creative thinking for responsible sun protection choices.
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Discover and download the valuable resources below to enhance your Year 1 students' sun safety education:

Year 1 – Lesson 1
Sun Safety Agree/Disagree Activity

Year 1 – Lesson 2
5 Sun Safe Behaviours Board Game

Year 1 – Lesson 3
UV Rays Impact Experiment

Year 1 – Lesson 4
A Day in the Sun Poem

Year 1 – Lesson 5
Sun Safe Time of the Day

Year 1 – Lesson 6
UV Index Game

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