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School programs

Laying the foundation for sun safety education

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program is an Australian initiative that promotes sun safety awareness and positive attitudes in children throughout the year, while supporting an active outdoor lifestyle. The program offers free, downloadable resources to primary school teachers aligned with the Australian Curriculum, designed to be engaging and interactive from Foundation to Year 1. Teachers can use these materials to educate students on sun safety and empower them to make informed decisions about their health.
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100% aligned with the Australian Curriculum

The Sun Safe Schools Program ensures comprehensive alignment with the Australian Curriculum, covering content from Health and Physical Education and other cross-curricular areas such as English, Mathematics, Science, and the Arts. The program also integrates the seven General Capabilities and cross-curricular priorities to provide a well-rounded, age-appropriate sun safety education for students.

Diverse and Engaging Educational Resources

The program's resources are designed to cater to a wide range of learning styles. It will engage students through various teaching strategies such as songs, games, debates, puppets, multimedia, art, rhyme, movement, and discussion. These age-appropriate materials address core sun safe behaviours, skin awareness and protection, burning time, skin cancer basics, and holistic sun safety approaches to ensure lifelong sun safety awareness and practices.

Foundation Curriculum


Year 1 Curriculum


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