The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program focuses on developing a knowledge-based understanding and positive attitude towards sun safety in Australia’s harsh climate, while encouraging an active outdoor lifestyle.

Tiered lessons supported with age appropriate and engaging resources from Foundation to year 2 target learning area content and achievement standards from the Australian Curriculum. They also address the seven general capabilities and cross-curricular priorities as relevant to sun safe content and teaching strategies. These resources also reflect a wide variety of learning intelligence’s within each year level to ensure high levels of student engagement and understanding.

By making Sun Safety interactive, engaging, and relevant through these free, downloadable lesson plans and resources, we are equipping teachers and students with the knowledge and competence to make wise choices and decisions about their future health.

We encourage you to use the lessons and resources as they are, or modify them to suit your teaching and student needs.

Links to the Australian Curriculum

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program, lessons and resources have been carefully mapped to the Australian Curriculum to ensure learning area content from the Health and Physical Education area, as well as other cross curriculum areas including English, Mathematics, Science and the Arts, have been addressed.

The seven General Capabilities; literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology capability, critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical understanding, and intercultural understanding have also been targeted along with integration of the cross-curricular priorities.

This strong link to the Australian curriculum, coupled with creative and engaging resources and teaching strategies comprise a well-rounded and age appropriate program designed to see your students sun safe for life.

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Program Resources

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools website resources are free, easily downloadable and designed to make sun safe learning experiences motivating and inspiring.

Aligned with the Australian Curriculum and targeted towards building deep knowledge from Foundation to Year 2, these resources are varied and structured to cater to a wide range of learning intelligences while encouraging physical activity.

Resources include activities focused on developing students’ understanding and positive attitudes towards sun safe behaviours. Core sun safe behaviours, skin awareness and protection, burning time, the basics of skin cancer and holistic approaches to sun safety are addressed through these laddered age appropriate resources.
Teaching strategies including songs, games, debates, puppets, multimedia, art, rhyme, movement and discussion have been utilised to ensure student engagement levels remain high while they learn concepts, skills and behaviours for life long sun safety.

Foundation Resources

The foundation program “Fun in the Sun” introduces students to the key behaviours involved in sun safety.

In the Foundation year, children will be educated on core messages while learning about their environment and how to be safe playing outdoors.

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Year 1 Resources

In the year 1 program “UV Aware”, student learning is extended to include an understanding of UV rays and safe times of day to be out in the sun. This builds upon the general sun safe behaviours taught in the Foundation year to set students on a path to solid sun safe awareness, practice and attitude.

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Year 2 Resources

In “Let’s talk Sunscreen”, year 2 students are inspired to become sun safe through developing their understanding of how sunscreen works.

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