Hi everyone

You may have seen recent news reports that suggest some of our clear spray sunscreens don’t offer the SPF stated on the label. We take these allegations very seriously as our number one priority is providing effective sun protection for all Australians.

This is an allegation that we strongly disagree with. The results in these reports are inconsistent with the SPF testing we’ve conducted at reputable independent testing labs in accordance with the Australian mandatory standard regulated by the TGA, therefore we fully stand behind the efficacy of our Banana Boat products.

Please also know that the TGA had recently conducted their own testing  on the content of active ingredients in a number of sunscreens, including Banana Boat Ultra Clear Spray SPF50+ sunscreen.  They found that all products tested complied with the Australian regulatory guidelines for sunscreens.

We have a long history of developing and manufacturing effective sun protection for consumers around the world.  At Banana Boat, we are very confident our products offer the level of protection stated on the pack when used according to label instructions.  Our priority is to ensure that our consumers can trust Banana Boat sunscreens.

Thanks for your continued support,

The Banana Boat team