The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program

The Banana Boat Sun Safe Schools Program focuses on developing a knowledge-based understanding and positive attitude towards sun safety in Australia’s harsh climate, while encouraging an active outdoor lifestyle. We encourage you to use the lessons and resources below as they are, or modify them to suit your teaching and student needs.

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A sunsafe program wouldn’t exist without the participation of teachers, parents and students. Our team is here to help you with any question and open to hear your feedback.

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Share The Sizzledodge’s sun safe story with your students
Foundation Resources

The foundation program “Fun in the Sun” introduces students to the key behaviours involved in sun safety. In the Foundation year, children will be educated on core messages while learning about their environment and how to be safe playing outdoors.

Year 1 Resources

In the year 1 program “UV Aware”, student learning is extended to include an understanding of UV rays and safe times of day to be out in the sun. This builds upon the general sun safe behaviours taught in the Foundation year to set students on a path to solid sun safe awareness, practice and attitude.

Year 2 Resources

In “Let’s talk Sunscreen”, year 2 students are inspired to become sun safe through developing their understanding of how sunscreen works.

Share Sizzledodge’s Sun Safe kid’s story with your students